• UNIQUE! Extracted and reduced Carnauba (5%), for even more sparkle saturation
  • Extremely smooth and deep gloss 
  • Protects against fading
  • Gorgeous colour brilliance 
  • Legendary slickness 
  • Fast application of about 5 minutes per vehicle
  • Streak free, even in hot and humid environments
  • Long-term protection - up to 6 months


POLISH ANGEL ® CONNOISSEUR RAPIDWAXX is like a paste wax in a bottle. Its formula is easy and quick to use and creates that  "just waxed" shine without streaking; very easy to apply. This spray wax gives your vehicle an incredible shine and slickness, the paints colour will be vivid and intense along with being well protected - up to 6 months of performance. RAPIDWAXX contains no alcohol and no silicone in its base - safe for matte finishes. The combination of synthetic polymers and high grade, carnauba ingredients in a sprayable form will create a result so fast that even the most diehard enthusiast will be put in awe. RAPIDWAXX also works great on glass surfaces, aluminum and chrome rims, and even be applied to plastic trim to enhance the surface and protect; excellent beading! RAPIDWAXX is a crucial part of you maintenance regime and will greatly prolong the life for any all of our coatings, waxes, and sealants - strongly recommended! 


  1. Spray a small amount (1/2 spray per each panel) onto the surface
  2. Then immediately wipe on and off with a CALIFORNIA TOWEL
  3. Work a section at a time 
  4. Do not let dry on surface

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